Your pet wants to eat your table food but it’s not healthy. So, this is the next best thing. It’s easy and fun to give, flavorful and healthy. Many clinical studies reported in the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine Association (JAVMA) and other leading associations, show a correlation between omega-3s and specific health benefits for our companion pets. Omega-3s promote a healthy, shiny coat, support a healthy cardiovascular function and support a healthy immune system.

Now you have a fun way to enhance your pet’s eating experience while giving them nutrients that are essential to their diet! Groovy Gravy is a far out, delicious, life enhancing treat that wipes out the food-boredom bummers for even the most finicky pet. “It ain’t heavy” either – it’s blissfully low in calories. Just pour one packet a day of this flavor booster with 25mg Omega-3 EPA/DHA onto your pet’s food, into the water bowl, or solo on a plate and watch the pet love go cosmic!